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We wanted to approach a wider audience in a language they speak, music. We translated our message to a song, reminding everyone to love, protect, and respect the ocean. So, in collaboration with Miami Band, we were able to catch the attention of many and raise awareness on what it actually means to be Ocean Minded!


Ocean Minded hosted an event during the weekend of 29 September, the event was hosted in Seashell Julaia. The event introduced a new concept to the public, a multipurpose Extravaganza. We hosted soccer tournaments, volleyball tournaments, 2 live music shows featuring well known artists, live music, kids activities food vendors, all of which were spreading our mindset in different ways. The event was set with clear goals and benchmarks, all benchmarks were achieved before the weekend came to an end and some were met with an increase of more than a 100%


The Ocean Minded Island aimed at educating people to eat responsibly with an experience and view like no other.  At least 25% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions comes from food. This can be cut by half if we started eating low carbon food. As the meals were set and paid for in advance, the menu listed the carbon footprint of each item to show the impact our food choices can have on our environment.



-Underwater clean up: 
In an environmental experience like no other, we partnered up with Dive36 on an underwater clean-up dive. Experienced and inexperienced divers were able to do something exciting while giving back to the environment.


- OM Artists campaign
For World Ocean Day 2022, we have collaborated with local artists to create one-of-a-kind shirts. These amazing artists have uniquely expressed different issues like pollution, overfishing, oil spills, and more!


Ocean Minded participated the past couple of weeks in the Melanzane by the sea event, Oceanminded and Seazen have a long relationship in different initiatives and partnerships.

While the BTS collaboration might be the first official one introduced to the public, we are confident that it will not be the last.

The OM Boutique at Melanzane BTS started off with little to no foot traffic the first couple of days, the days that followed saw more footfall and engagement from customers with the brand after we had volunteers to invite people in and engage more with them about the cause of the initiative.

We are honored to be part of such an event but we do believe in future collaborations if we can have earlier notice we might be able to come up with better results that can serve both parties, we do believe that Seazen is an OceanMinded group and we will always be looking forward to future collabs and partnerships.


Event cause- I AM OCEAN MINDED joined the greatest global cleanup by partnering with Alnowair on World Cleanup Day. September 19, 2020 marked the biggest clean up in Kuwait’s history as it encompassed both beaches and residential areas. The cleanup consisted of 45 volunteer groups, which totaled to 5470 volunteers including 50 highly ranked leaders, all individuals coming together for one mission, to spread awareness about the importance of saving our environment, both land and sea. Our clean up spanned across two governorates and two islands and included the participation of 10 ministries, 28 public sector and 25 private sector entities. We succeeded in collecting 5400 bags of litter, which amounted to 125 tons of litter. The highlight of our success was the coming together of both locals and residents, united by one cause, which is to keep Kuwait clean.

September 19, 2020


Ocean Minded collaborated with STC to organize an in-sea event. We had a yacht parked in the middle of the sea with a host and branded beach flags. We picked a strategic spot that would attract boats passing by, which gave them the chance to participate in the ocean-themed Q & A. Winners sailed away with STC giveaways such as IPADS, mobiles and accessories. We also passed out ice boxes with refreshments branded as I AM Ocean Minded and STC, which were paired with trash bags to ensure to promote the ocean-minded identity and help keep the people at sea from littering the ocean. Our event helped us reach a wider audience through the fun activities and prizes while also being able to prevent more trash from being dumped into the sea.


Event cause - I AM OCEAN MINDED and Ever cooperated to organize a sweet clean-up at the Bnaider beach. We utilized both brands to raise awareness about the cause by handing out a giveaway, which consisted of Ever’s exclusive ice cream, paired with an IAM OCEAN MINDED trash bag, to people on Bnaider’s shores and people at sea. Pairing the two helped us communicate our message; enjoy your ice cream, along with the many treats we love having while at the beach, just don’t forget to clean up after yourself. At sea, the giveaways were passed out by yachts, boats, and jetskis whereas, at the shore, the giveaways were passed out with convertible cars. We set up a station that was marked by both brands’ flags so that people could bring their collected trash to the station. The participation rate was high amongst both children and adults, which highlighted the success of our event. Everyone’s feedback showed us that community service can be a fun activity that brings friends and family together, which is what being ocean-minded is all about.

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