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Did you know that by 2050, there will be 937 million tons of plastic in the ocean- that’s more plastic than fish?

And all this plastic is killing 100 million marine animals every year. More than 9 out of 10 seabirds and 6 out of 10 whales have plastics in their stomach. Our oceans are at the limit of their resilience.

And if there’s a time to act, it's NOW!

What's the ocean minded world?

Recently, I Am OceanMinded sponsored Martin’s "swimming for the cause" to raise the awareness of plastic pollution in the ocean. Martin Ceballos successfully swam nonstop 18 km from Fuerta island to Ibiza.

“Since I was young, I have felt a special connection to water. I started diving 3-4- years back and I realized very quickly that not all is as pretty as we see on the pictures. The truth is that around 50% of what I saw was plastic.”

- Martin Cabellos

The documentary El Cruce presents 18 km of swimming for the good cause from Formentera Island to Ibiza, carried out by the artist and composer Martin Ceballos, with the intention of raising awareness of the importance of keeping our ocean clean. After long preparations he had with swimming coach, he was finally ready for the swim. He succeeded and swam the whole 18 km distance without stopping to show the world that if you are determined, you can do it. It was the first experience for I am Oceanminded outside the Arab world, so it was a milestone for us as well.

How Can You Help?

Spread the mindset and contribute to cleaner oceans worldwide.

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Take a Pledge with Us

Sign up to join our I Am Ocean Minded Community to receive updates on how we can address the issue of marine litter globally, regionally and locally. 

Spread the Word

The more the merrier. Ask your friend to join in to make our oceans a better place.

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You can protect threatened marine species and their ocean today with a donation to I Am Ocean Minded. Your donate will be used to fund our conservation and educational campaigns to make a sea of difference.

Your donation makes you a member of I Am Ocean Minded Community.

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When you buy from us, you are funding our campaign toward cleaner, sustainable oceans. With every purchase, you are contributing to the I Am Oceam Minded mindset. 

Plus, all our products are ecofriendly, ethical and sustainable. 

And There's More...

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As Martin  Ceballos says, "We can all take care of our planet with simple, everyday actions!” 

This is exactly the mindset we what to cultivate.  



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